Boss Monster English

Welcome Boss Monster.

So whats the site about?

The goal of boss monster is to bring effective, interesting and engrossing games to the ESL classroom in hopes of engaging students and teachers alike. For too long teachers have been tossed into English classrooms with little to no training, no expectations and without any idea of what to do besides reciting words out of a text. This site will be a hub of interesting implements for teacher's to make their classroom experiences interstellar.

As a veteran ESL teacher, I've taught in 5 countries: Korea, China, Japan, Brazil and Mexico over the course of 15 years. One thing that I've found to consistently motivate children to learn is the inclusion of cooperative and competitive play. I owe my success to the people I met along the way who generous enough to teach me how to entertain and engage my clients through classroom games. Since that time, I've adapted many of those games for both large and small classrooms alike and my hope is to be able to share them with you. I have a debt to repay to the industry which shaped my life, allowed me to grow into a capable human being and provided an engaging and powerful means of communication. I intend to pay the debt in full by providing you, the ESL teacher with the means of re-creating the same success that has followed me over my career. Join me on the journey to re-create the ESL classroom, are you ready Boss Monster?

What the site includes?
  • Instructions on adapting popular board and card games for the classroom.
  • Anti-turnover teacher training.
  • DIY Puppets and ESL Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.
  • Mobile Games you can play with your classes
  • Cool creatiions you can use to entice your class to learn.
  • Excellent and engaging games that turn a classroom into a playground.
  • Easy balloon models that will captivate your audience for marketing gigs.